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"We had never heard of Hillbilly Mudd until we had a yearling get its leg wrapped up in a fence wire for too long.  The cuts were many, severe and deep with bone exposed in places.  It was very nasty and swollen.  We saw the ad, applied Hillbilly Mudd and wrapped it once daily for 2 days until body fluids stopped leaking out.  Then we applied it once daily without wrap until it healed.  In 10 days the cuts were completely filled up (no proud flesh) and steadily healed with hair in an amazingly short time.  I drove the yearling in cart less than 2 months after the accident with absolutely no favoritism to the leg.  We now sell the product in our store, Wagler's Variety, and many customers have used it with same amazing results!"

Verlin Wayne Wagler, Montgomery, IN

"In January of 2019 we had a prized Standardbred filly hook her shoulder on something while racing around a lot, cutting it very deep and fairly high on the shoulder.  It cut flesh and muscle, rolling it down and exposing a hole to the shoulder blade approximately 6" in diameter.  The vet laid her down, pulled everything back, stitched it and shook his head and said, "We tried".  5 days later it was infected, rapidly oozing fluids, very immobile with the gigantic wound slowly pulling down, tearing the stitches out.  Long story short, after a phone call on a cold morning, we applied Hillbilly Mudd heavily with a makeshift towel draped over the wound, even diluting the composition and shooting it into the deep cracks with a syringe night and morning.  In just a few days it dried up and healed fast from there.  I'm convinced I could see a difference from mornings to evenings.  In 60 days she had a scab left the size of a quarter with absolutely no limp while running around.  Hats off to Hillbilly Mudd!"

Keith Wagler, Odon, IN

"In June 2018 we had a Draft foal get into the barbwire fence, cutting its left hind leg on the inside by the cannon bone.  We treated it best we knew, washed it off night and morning with cold water, tried wrapped then tried no wrapping.  We then cut out and fought proud flesh a few months.  Needless to say by then we had a lot of time invested, a dose of discouragement, and a very bad looking raw flesh wound maybe 2-3" wide by 5-6" long with approximately 3" of bone exposed!  After seemingly trying about everything for 5 months we weren't convinced it would ever heal again.  Sometimes it's darkest right before dawn!  We were introduced to Hillbilly Mudd in November of 2018.  We applied it and wrapped it once daily for almost 2 full weeks.  By day 13 it had dried up.  We then left it unwrapped and applied salve once daily.  Proud flesh was never again a factor and it healed in from all sides rapidly with skin and hair.  We are thankful for Hillbilly Mudd and aim to keep it on hand."

Randall Knepp, Montgomery, IN

I highly recommend this product.! My dog got stuck under my backyard shed from going after a opossum. He forced his way out and in the process he cut his side very deeply. The corona quarantine had just begun in my town and so the vet wasn't open yet. I couldn't afford the stitches, medicine and getting him caught up on his shots anyway, so I searched the web and found Hillbilly Mud. It is working wonders! After a month, my dog has only an inch of "proud flesh" showing and it is getting better because I'm still applying that product to his wound twice a day. I'm amazed!


Donna Sliger, Beaumont, TX

While coon hunting last January 12th with my 2 dogs near The Shawnee National Forrest in Illinois my young male either stepped on a stob or a large thorn.  Anyway, he had a open wound to his front left leg.  He was carrying his foot and would not put any weight on it.  His head was drooping and I had to lift him onto the truck bed to load.  We applied "Hillbilly Mudd" to the wound and even applied some directly into the interior of the hole!  My friends and I headed back home to Tennessee which is a five hour drive.  Halfway, we stopped for relief for ourselves and the dogs.  Amazingly, the pup had his head up and jumped out of his box and was putting full weight on his leg.  "Hillbilly Mudd" made a believer in me!

Thanks, Anthony Jones, Fentress County, TN

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